The Next Generation Louvered Roof

We identify ourselves as "The Next Generation Louvered Roof" - but what does that mean?

The answer is simple. We have spent the last decade researching every aspect of louvered roofs - what works and what doesn't. Then we innovated some improvements that usher in a new generation of louvered roofs for residential and commercial customers.

The result is the Sundance Louvered Roof. Invented from the ground up, Sundance louvered roofs have revolutionized the industry by thinking completely outside the box. A stronger, better looking, and longer lasting louvered roof that provides the perfect outdoor living space for you and your family.

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Advantages Over Other Louvered Roofs

Deep Volume Gutters

Crown Moulding Design

6" x 6" Posts

Downspout Function

2" x 8" Beams

Longer Post-to-post Span

150° Louver Rotation

Adjustable Slats

2 LED Shelves

In-gutter Design

Louver Spring Pins

Easy and Quick Installation

Gutter Screen Capable

Debris-free Gutters

Double Skin Louvers

Heat Transfer Insulation

6 Vertical Girders

Longest Spanning Louvers


Beautiful Flat Finish

Bumper Gasket

Leak Resistent

Low Friction Ball Bearings

Quiet Close

IP-67 Motor

Fast Waterproof Motor

Custom Remote Control

Control Up To 16 Bays